Friday, July 16, 2010

Two months

Yesterday was a great day for Joon. She made huge advances in her recovery. Unfortunately I'm still here at home until after Penelope's appointment tomorrow. But I did get to see her on webcam.

Andrew went back up there in the morning. He talked to the neurologist again, and looked at the MRI scans. The MRI showed swelling in her cerebellum, which is shat caused her to not be able to talk, eat, stand, or anything else. They decided to give her steroids for a few days to help with the swelling. While the doctor was there, Joon had another seizure. Her eyes were bouncing up and down, and her eyebrows twitching. Later in the day, she had another seizure that we noticed.

After lunch, Joon's recovery started progressing in fast forward. She started sitting up on her own, and playing with toys. Then she started TALKING. She's talking now!

Andrew and I set up our webcams and I got to see Joon playing. She looked at me and waved and talked. I showed her the cats, and she tried to say Sagwa.

Penelope turned two months old, and I took her comparison photo on the blanket I made for her.

Two months:


Penelope had her two month checkup today. She's in perfect condition. She weighs 11 pounds and 2 ounces, and she's 59 centimeters long. Her head circumference is 38.5 centimeters. She's met all the expected milestones.

We headed back up to Denver after Penelope's appointment. Penny slept the whole way there. Joon is still doing good, but not as good as she was yesterday. She wanted pizza for dinner, but when it arrived, she just wanted to eat french fries. She kept trying to climb down out of the bed, even though she can't really stand on her own yet. She had another EEG today, just for an hour, to see how her brain activity has improved in the last couple of days. She's sleeping now, and hopefully she'll sleep through the night like she did last night.

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