Thursday, July 1, 2010

Six weeks!

Penelope is growing up so fast.

She's six weeks old now. She's awake and alert most of the day, and sleeps most of the night. Nights have gotten so much better. Well, most nights. She still has colicky time, and sometimes it's hell getting her to sleep, but then she usually sleeps for a long time.

She smiles all the time. Fathers Day was the first I noticed that she kept smiling socially over and over again. She always wants to be held upright so she can look at everything. She wants people to interact with her constantly. She absolutely hates being in the car seat, and scream constantly the entire time we're driving.

And she's teething! When she was just five weeks old, I had two people point out that she has two teeth visible just below the gums! I didn't believe it at first, but it looks and feels like teeth, they're just where teeth should be, and they look exactly like Joon's did right before they cut through. It's just so crazy.

Penelope was 10 pounds when she turned a month old, so I decided to try her Goodmama diapers on. They fit her well, so we've been using those now. I want to get a few more cheap used ones. Her first goodmama was the panda one, so I'm going to be keeping that one for her memory box, along with her first newborn diaper, which was a panda Muttaqin.

I crocheted an awesome hat for Penelope. It's a brain slug from Futurama. It's so cute, and I'm pretty dang proud of it.

I took Penny swimming in Joon's kiddy pool. She seemed to have a good time, and it was super cute.

I earned this ribbon for nursing Penny for six weeks!

It was so much easier to get this ribbon than it was the first time I got it. Besides some engorgement when my milk came in, and some issues with overactive letdown, we haven't had any issues. Nursing has been going smoothly, and I expect to continue for as long as Penny wants to.

Soon I'll be getting the three year ribbon for Joon!

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