Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost ready.

Joon is doing really great. She's walking almost normally now, she's pretty much back to how she was before, except she's still not talking. She had a few words, but she stopped saying those several days ago. Right now she's babbling like Penelope. We should be going home Monday. They were going to transfer her down to the rehab floor for a couple of weeks of intensive therapy, but now she doesn't need it anymore. All she needs is the speech therapy. They're going to do a blood cell count just to make sure she's good to go. They've been preparing us for discharge, setting up appointments and getting speech therapy set up for us. They're teaching us how to care for her PICC line, doing things like drawing up saline, flushing the line and changing the caps.

Penny is getting so big. She's sleeping pretty well now, we just have to swaddle her. She wants to stand all the time. Whenever her feet touch anything, she pushes off to stand. Her two teeth are still right below the surface of her gums. They've been there for more than a month, I don't know what's taking them so long. But Joon was teething for two months before her first teeth came in.

Joon is so sweet to Penny. She's always trying to give her toys and things. She likes to put her little animals on top of her, or try to get her to hold them. Today she put a bunch of cookie crumbs on her. She touches her so gently and carefully, and she's so bashful about it.

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