Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting better.

Joon walked today! She keeps trying to climb down out of the bed all the time. Sometimes she's not allowed to because she's hooked up to various things that we can't move. But whenever possible, we encourage her to get out of bed. Now, she's able to climb down and stay on her feet and easily cruise along the side of the bed while holding on. Then she voluntarily let go, and walked a few steps over to the chair, then kept walking back and forth between the furniture. She's still wobbly, but she does it! So exciting!

So right now, she's doing great in everything, except for talking and drinking. She just doesn't want to drink at all. Today, she actually took several sips of juice, I think it was about half of a juice box, so about two ounces. This is the first time she's drank anything in three weeks! But that was this morning, and she's been refusing again since then.

She's still not talking. She was saying a few things, but now the past couple of days she doesn't want to talk. She is finally getting pretty consistent with nodding or shaking her head for yes and no, and we're working on sign language. She used to sign a lot, but then she stopped signing after she started talking, so she doesn't remember any signs, and I don't remember much either.

Today the doctors said Joon may be able to move down to the rehab floor as early as tomorrow! They want her to be down there for intensive therapy for a while, probably about two weeks. They have outpatient PT, OT, and speech therapy, but only 3 times a week. She's going to need it three times a day, seven days a week, so she'll have to stay here for that.

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  1. I am so glad that she is doing better! She has been in our prayers and God is good. Aida