Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day Two

Day two was as easy as day one. We're both pretty kind most of the time, so it really was just a matter of paying attention to what we're doing, and trying to think of things to be even more kind. Today's challenge asked us to do at least one act of unexpected kindness, and we both did plenty.

I'm supposed to list specifics, but I am having trouble thinking of everything because it's so late and I'm way tired. It was hot and the fan stopped working, so I grabbed a stack of paper and fanned him. I cleaned out the litter boxes, which is a job he always does although he dislikes it. Andrew folded a tin of laundry for me. He took the initiative in doing the dishes. We did lots of other things.

We haven't really changed much so far, but I'm sure future challenges will be more challenging. Something I've noticed is that I feel more love already just because we started this dare.

Tomorrow is Day Three: Love is Not Selfish.

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