Sunday, August 15, 2010

Three months!

Penelope is three months old!

We earned this ribbon:

1) Baby Name and Age: Penelope, three months
2) Weight/length/clothing size being worn: She's wearing mostly 3-6 months, and some 6-9 months.
3) Food! Formula? Breastmilk? Combo?: She's 100% breastfed, she's never had a bottle.
4) Sleep habits: She sleeps great! Most nights, she sleeps about 10 hours straight, then gets changed and fed, and usually sleeps another hour or two.
5) Is baby on a schedule? If so describe: Yeah, we wake up in the morning, get changed and fed, then play for a few hours. Take a morning nap, play for a couple of hours, take an afternoon nap, play for a few hours, and then go to bed.
6) Whats driving you crazy, if anything: Nothing much. She hates being in a car seat.
7) Milestones of course: Sleeping through the night, rolling all over the place, babbling like crazy, teething something fierce, reaching for and picking up toys, sucking her thumb.
8) How are you doing in general: Pretty good, considering how crazy things have been.
9) Are your health and weightloss concerns going well?: Alright. I've lost about half of the weight. I'm not worried about it.
11) Pictures:

One week:


Three months:


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