Thursday, August 26, 2010


Joon has had a language explosion the last two days.

On Tuesday, she had her last follow-up appointment at The Children's Hospital. The doctors said she was doing great, and they said we can wean her off of the rest of her medications. That day, she pointed at Penny and said "Penny." She also said hug and kiss.

Yesterday, she started off strong, saying butt, belly, hands, and feet. She chanted these words throughout the day, and added in several other words, including many more body parts, and lots of animals.

Today, she said even more. She was naming things left and right. Animals, colors, objects, etc. She was talking all day. She even said some sentences. She started off with really simple sentences, like "I'm a cat." By the end of the day she was saying things like "The frog wants to look at the llamas."

She's talking much slower than she used to, and it's like each syllable is a separate word. She's also pronouncing things a bit differently. Her vowels are a bit odd, some words sound like she has a British accent. But she's really making astounding improvements. It won't be long until she's back to her normal self. I'm just amazed at her strength and pluck.

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